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Taxi Travel

Taxis are generally inexpensive by European or North American standards, providing you're ready to bargain, but hardly any of them have the official meters. You can grab them from in front of hotels, hail them on the streets, or call them. Official taxis are often Hyundais, Mercedes, or Russian-made Ladas. Ciclo-taxis (bicycle rickshaws) are breezy and slow, offer a scenic ride, and cost about the same as auto taxis. Coco-taxis (motor scooter–powered conveyances) are another option. Always negotiate the price before you get in any type of cab. The fares vary in price, but from Vedado to La Habana Vieja you should be paying about CUC$6; from Miramar it would be about CUC$10.

If you want to pay a fraction of that price, take an American-made 1950s vehicle at Parque Central. In these community taxis, or carros as they're called, expect to pay half a convertible peso to Vedado, but note that you will share your ride in what can be a really tight fit. The community taxis follow set paths, mostly along Calle 23 (La Rampa) in Vedado, and don’t expect to veer from the set road.

All taxis were recently regrouped to operate under the government’s Cubataxi brand.


Cubataxi. 7855–5555.


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