The 10 Best New Food Halls Across the U.S.

These new foodie meccas popped up across the country in 2021, with globally-inspired flavors and irresistibly unique eats.

Eating at just one restaurant: So 2020. The future of food is a whole lifestyle experience–lots of culinary choices in one place, a focus on local, independently-owned and artisanal, with entertainment and late hours (sometimes until 1 a.m.). It may seem ironic that so many food halls opened in the past year, from the west and east coasts to the heartland, with over 190 are still in development, according to Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate firm. But they’re a welcome relief to the recent demand to eat among (gasp) fellow humans. Here are the nation’s top ten new food halls.

The 10 Best Terrace Cafes in Paris

The best spot for a leisurely glass of Grenache and a quick bite? One of these al fresco Parisian haunts.

Much of Paris’s characteristic charm is found in its café terraces, omnipresent throughout the city. Here are ten terraces that top the list, some more covert than others. From classic haunts to museum and shopping center rooftops to boats docked along the Seine, pull up a chair and enjoy la vie Parisienne.

The 15 Best River Walks in the United States

From fine dining to open-air concerts, these gorgeous river walks combine the beauty of nature with some stellar riverside attractions.

What better way is there to enjoy the sunshine than a stroll or bike ride along the riverside? Explore the natural scenery stopping only to step into one of the dozens of local shops dotting a boardwalk or riverfront park, before indulging in a cocktail and trying some freshly made cuisine at a waterside eatery. Explore the endless opportunities for a day or night out at one of these 15 fabulous river walks across the United States.   

Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Road Trip in Baja, Mexico

Here's everything you need to know before jetting off on this dreamy #vanlife adventure.

Thousands of miles of Cardón cacti, punctuated by palm-fringed oasis and tropical white sand beaches, form the unique ecosystem of the Baja Peninsula. This thin strip of desert jutting out from the West Coast boasts Mexico’s most scenic and accessible road trip. Ribbons of mostly paved highways connect the unpolished border town of Tijuana with Cabo San Lucas, the famed resort destination with turquoise water and sleek limestone arches. Divided into two separate states, Baja California and Baja California Sur, the northern region offers wine country and surf spots while the southern half of the peninsula has wildlife and pristine tropical beaches. Done correctly, Baja can be the road trip of a lifetime where you’ll spend each evening wild camping on an undeveloped beach paradise and indulging in cheap, yet delicious fish tacos or ceviche. But without proper planning, you’ll find yourself stranded on pot-holed roads with a punctured tire, enduring the blistering summer heat, or missing out on all the seasonal local wildlife. Here’s what you need to know for a Baja road trip.

These 11 U.S. Hotels Have Some of the Best Restaurants in the Country

Check in to dine out.

Covid-19 disclaimer: A growing number of businesses have adopted policies requiring employees, and in some cases, customers, to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated. From New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, the rules are changing fast. Be sure to check out local guidelines before you make any reservations.  When Emma Koehler set out to take over her husband’s brewery during the prohibition era, the odds weren’t exactly in her favor. Many people outside of San Antonio have likely never heard of Emma Koehler, but today, the former brewhouse is now home to a hotel that both bears her name at Hotel Emma at Pearl but serves as a beacon for travelers and foodies. “Hotels are no longer just for tourists, but a true gathering place for everyone,” CEO and General Manager at Hotel Emma at Pearl Bill Petrella told Fodor’s. “While the definition of luxury has changed, travelers are seeking new, fresh and authentic experiences and are interested in learning about the local culture and getting a feel for the cuisine, people and sense of place.” Symbolic of how hotels around the country are having to reinvent themselves in the face of the ongoing pandemic, Hotel Emma, which is at the crux of the historic Pearl district along the riverbank of San Antonio, Texas, considers food to be paramount to the guest experience. Now, perhaps more than ever, hotel restaurants have been attracting extraordinary talent and celebrity chefs eager to put their stamp on things. And while there’s no shortage of incredible hotel restaurants around the country, from dining by candlelight in the nave of a converted Gothic church turned destination hotel restaurant in New Orleans to an experiential tasting menu at Zero George in Charleston and an all-inclusive ranch in Wyoming, these 11 hotel restaurants are destinations well worth planning your culinary vacation around this year.